All lecture halls will be fully equipped with a windows notebook, projector, a presenter and adapters for HDMI and VGA ports for Microsoft and Apple devices. Two technical assistants will be present in all lecture halls at all times to help you set up your presentation. We kindly ask you to bring your presentation as a PowerPoint or PDF file on an USB flash drive. Please hand the USB fash drive to the technical assistants, recognizable by their green t-shirts, 15 minutes prior the session.

Speaking time including discussion is assigned as follows:

  • Plenary lectures: 45 min
  • Invited lectures: 30 min
  • Contributed lectures: 20 min

The session chairs are asked to give you a visual signal when your time is running out.



Please bring your posters to the poster venue. The required poster size is 120 cm high and 90 cm wide (upright, format A0) . Pins for mounting the posters will be provided at the poster venue. We ask for your understanding that printing services cannot be offered on site.
The poster presentations are sorted alphabetically by surname into two groups. On Monday, June 3rd, the posters from A to L will be displayed and on Tuesday, June 4th, the posters from M to Z will be displayed.
The posters are numbered and assigned to a specific poster board. Please refer to pp. 14-23 of the general information booklet to check on which day you present your poster and which board it is assigned to. The list will also be displayed on our website and at the registration desk.
On the respective day, you can set up your poster starting from 17:30. The removal of your poster directly after your poster session will be highly appreciated.
We will provide food and drinks. The prizes for the best posters will be awarded by a poster jury during the farewell on Friday, June 7th, at 12:30 in the Bunsen Hall of the WISTA convention center.